This site was created to stop the scammers and to help the community.
Whether you've been scammed or you want to check a contact - you're in the right place.
This site was built to prevent more people from being scammed by the same scammers and the same methods. 

Be a part of a growing and safe community!


To Get acess To the Black List


After Registration and Admin Approval, you will have access to the scammer List.

In addition you will be able to answer and post about scammers and to report new ones.

How I know Who is a scammer?​

Not every one you can have issues with is a scammer.

100% Scammer:  Someone who took your money for a service he had no intention to truly give you.

For example We got many reports of FAKE skype users\ TG users to claim they represent a REAL company, but they don’t really work for them- so they will take your money and scam you.

Can you help us get our money back?

Maybe we Can!

It happens that the client is not happy with the service provided and want the money back and the other company doesn’t agree. 

This can be a scam as well (companies that sell data for live for example), but if the company is real and doesn’t want to loss their reputation we can try to bridge between you.

Send us the case and will will try our best!

Affiliate marketing is alive and kicking.

But If you don’t know what to look for, Scamming affiliate could trick you out of massive sums of money.  Lets Stop The Scammers aimed to unite all the Serious Affiliate marketers and Networks to expose such scammer and reveal the warning signs, so you don’t fall victim to these expensive traps.

Get honest reviews about Affiliates and Brands.

Protect your business from Scammers

Knowing about Fake Affiliates Companies/ Marketers that is actual the first step to safeguarding your business.

Our target is to build a trustful community with real companies and affiliates and 

Our Scam list is based on your reports!

Our team is here to get your reports. 

Got scammed? write us! Maybe we can help you.

Many times we see cases where the company didn’t scammed , but the 2 companies just don’t agree on the amount to give back. Let us help.

Did you find a mistake in the List? Update us and we will check again!

What are affiliate frauds?

Fighting fraud is a team effort. With support from legitimate marketer and Affiliate Networks, Lets Stop the scammers is working to help everyone be scam aware and stop fraudsters for good.


Negative ROI

When scammers connect with you. They bring fake leads, which ultimately affect your business.


Reputation loss

When you connect with fake affiliates, it not only affects your business, but also your company’s reputation.


Money loss

You lose huge money if you pay scammers without getting any real results.

Got Scammed?

Our reviews are based on extensive research. With years of experience, Our team offers unbiased ratings of affiliates to protect your money and business from affiliate fraud.

Found your name on the list and want to get it removed? Show us you fixed the issue with the companies that  reported you , and we will be more then happy to take you down the scammers list!

There is NO OPTION to by good reviews- So please don’t even try.

We upload to the site the issues reported to us ONLY and bridge between sides if needed. 

If you found a mistake Please let us know!